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Many critical state races will be on the ballot this November. Focus on the Family wants to help EQUIP you with the discerning resources and solid research you need before you step into the voting booth on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 (or before with early voting).

One great resource to consider is a state-specific Voter Guide created by individual state Family Policy Councils (FPC) associated with Focus on the Family. The FPC state network operates in nearly 40 states and many of these organizations produce General Election Voter Guides, which include candidate positions on key issues, such as the sanctity of human life and religious freedom.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply scroll down to see if there’s a Family Policy Council in your state. If so, click on the hyperlink to connect directly with the state FPC. If you have questions about the FPC’s website or the availability of its Voter Guide, please contact the FPC directly.

AFTER YOU VOTE: Please post on your Facebook® page a picture of you with your “I Voted!” sticker, using the hashtag handle #Commit2Vote2018, or post directly on our Thriving Values Facebook page. We’ll try to repost your picture on our Thriving Values™ Facebook page, starting Nov. 1!

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