2016 Legislative Recap

How Voters Are Transforming Their States

Historic Look At State Legislative Partisan Composition


2016 Post-Election Legislative Control; source; NCSL

Prior to the 2016 Election, Republicans controlled both House and Senate chambers in 30 states, while Democrats controlled 12 and seven states had split control. After Nov. 8, Republicans increased legislative control of both chambers in 32 states, while Democrats control.13.


Democrat to Republican

  • Kentucky House
  • Iowa Senate
  • Minnesota Senate

Republican to Democrat

  • New Mexico House
  • Nevada Assembly
  • Nevada Senate
  • Washington Senate



Chambers Switched to Republican Control

Chambers Switched to Democratic Control

States Where Republicans Control Both Chambers

States Where Democrats Control Both Chambers

No. of Seats Up For Election in 86 Chambers

No. of Gubernatorial Races

No. of Statewide Ballot Measures

State Supreme Court Seats Up in 32 States



  • Delaware (D)
  • Indiana (R)
  • Missouri (R)
  • Montana (D)
  • New Hampshire (R)
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota (R)
  • Oregon (Special)  (D)
  • Utah (R)
  • Vermont (R)
  • Washington (D)
  • West Virginia (D)


    2016 Gubernatorial Elections

HOT ISSUE: Marijuana — Growing Like a Weed

It’s Legislative History

According to Ballotpedia,16 states have voted on 51 ballot measures relating to the issue of marijuana since 1972. Over the past 44 years, there’s been a steady shift away from prohibition and federal prosecution — of what many consider to be a “gateway” drug — toward legalizing it for medical use and then, ultimately, for statewide recreational use.

2016 Election Results

Twenty states proposed marijuana legalization in 2016; however, only nine were certified for the ballot. Of the nine states voting on varying degrees of legalization, only Arizona defeated the recreational use of marijuana.

Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota chose to legalize pot for medical purposes only. Meanwhile, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada joined Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington State for recreational use. This despite pleas from Colorado’s governor to “wait and see” how ongoing societal, economic and fiscal impact studies fare.

Elections Matter: A Cause For Optimism And Hope

After the dust has settled following the 2016 General Election, socially conservative Christians will be encouraged to learn there are many important opportunities in which they can be engaged. These include: the appointment of conservative judges; protection of religious freedom; safeguarding and respecting parental rights in education; and advancing pro-life issues

Elections Matter: Reining In Big Government

Citizens are justifiably frustrated by government agencies that seem to create new laws without any authority or accountability; but, is there a solution? You know the problem: Federal and state agencies, which are so powerful they literally ignore the U.S. Congress...

Elections Matter: A Look at the Judicial Impact

In eight years, a President can appoint more than a third of all federal judges. What do Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have in common? Each of them either appointed or — in the case of President Obama — is on track to appoint, approximately...

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