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As a good steward of the God-given rights and privileges we enjoy, Focus on the Family wants to help EQUIP you with the discerning resources and solid research you’ll need before you step into the voting booth on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 (or before with early voting).

One great resource to consider is a state-specific Voter Guide created by individual Family Policy Councils (FPC) associated with Focus on the Family. The FPC state network operates in nearly 40 states and many of these organizations produce General Election Voter Guides, which include candidate positions on key issues, such as the sanctity of human life and religious freedom.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply click on this link (or the adjacent image), scroll down to see if there’s a Family Policy Council in your state. If so, click on the hyperlink to connect directly with the state FPC. Should you have questions about the FPC’s website or the availability of its Voter Guide, please contact the FPC directly.

AFTER YOU VOTE: Please post on your Facebook® page a picture of you with your “I Voted!” sticker, using the hashtag handle #Commit2Vote2018, or post directly on our Thriving Values Facebook page. We’ll try to repost your picture on our Thriving Values™ Facebook page, starting Nov. 1!

FREE Downloadable ‘Elections’ Kit

One of the many ways we, as Christians, can engage the culture for Christ is to start in the home with our children by raising them up to be leaders in their own spheres of influence. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s voices of faith. That’s why Focus on the Family is excited to unveil its new “Your Family’s Election Activity Kit,” designed to prepare every member of the family to be “the best of citizens.

It’s never too early to begin impressing the value of good citizenship in the hearts and minds of your children.Your Family’s Election Activity Kit” provides easy-to-use tools and teachable concepts to help you bring home the importance of informed voting and engaged citizenship.

The responsibility to prepare the next generation of citizens is in your hands. Download your free kit today!

Order Your Copy of ‘Kingdom Citizen’

The daily news is filled with stories of division, violence and despair. American politics is polarized. Leadership is lacking. Change seems impossible. Can you help reverse the downward spiral of our nation?

Dr. Tony Evans offers hope: The solution to our nation’s problems and unrest isn’t out of reach. The solution is here — in each one of us as kingdom citizens.

Be assured our God is greater than any challenge — and He has promised to equip His people, the Body of Christ. In this book, you’ll discover how to respond in faith, in spite of a country and culture in decline. Here is a powerful call-to-action for concerned Christians. Here is a call for unity and restoration. And here is strong assurance that each of us has the ability to do justice, seek truth — and stand in the gap for our land.

Answer God’s call to be a world-changing kingdom citizen.

Inspirational and Informative Videos

Videos are the most popular way to communicate complex issues and answers — all in less than a few minutes. That’s why we encourage you to share on social media one (or all!) of our high-quality videos that help answer the perennial election questions: “Why should I vote?” “Can my vote make a difference?” “What can I do to inspire my friends to vote?”  Watch and share today!

Founding Principles: Truths To Share

From the very inception of our nation, the framers of the U.S. Constitution knew our fledgling Republic could not stand “without His aid.” So, while voices on the Left attempt to persuade our current generation that “We’re not a Christian nation,” we encourage you to read what the Founders had to say — in their own words. Enjoy, read and then share today!

CITIZEN: Your Way To Stay Informed

Focus on the Family’s award-winning Citizen magazine helps you navigate today’s challenging cultural issues with clarity, conviction and courage. [Click here to learn more.] But, don’t take it from us; read what this mom had to say:

“I love this magazine! It covers important political issues in a thorough fashion from a Christian perspective, but it’s still a quick read. After filling you in on what’s going on, it tells you what you can do and exactly how to do it. I’ve got my in-laws & husband hooked on it! A must-have for any follower of Christ looking to make informed and righteous political decisions.” —Rebecca B.

FREE: Prayer Guide For Our Nation

As our nation continues on what appears to be a free-fall descent into lawlessness, there’s only one viable solution: PRAYER. And, as Christ followers, we know the first step to seeing our land healed starts with us, the Body of Christ.

LET’S GET STARTED: Please commit to pray with us daily throughout the month of October. You can follow along with us when you download our complimentary guide. Each day helps you get started by focusing on a different topic or need in our culture. And should a friend, family member or neighbor share their concerns with you about this election, why not invite them to join you in intervening on the nation’s behalf? Who knows how God might choose to use you — and them — to make Himself known!

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.— Matthew 7:7-8 ESV

Elections Matter: A Cause For Optimism And Hope

After the dust has settled following the 2016 General Election, socially conservative Christians will be encouraged to learn there are many important opportunities in which they can be engaged. These include: the appointment of conservative judges; protection of...

Elections Matter: Reining In Big Government

Citizens are justifiably frustrated by government agencies that seem to create new laws without any authority or accountability; but, is there a solution? You know the problem: Federal and state agencies, which are so powerful they literally ignore the U.S. Congress...

Elections Matter: A Tale of Two Governors And Religious Freedom

Can the election of a single candidate change the course of religious freedom in a state? Recent history says “yes.” One of the most important lessons learned over the last couple election cycles is that significant changes, for good or ill, can happen overnight...

Elections Matter: Common Questions About Presidential Races

Elections for the offices of President and Vice President were originally set forth in Article II, Section 1, and later modified by the 12th (1804), 20th (1933) and 23rd (1967) Amendments: Clause 1: Executive Power “The Executive Power shall be vested in a...

Elections Matter: Applying Your Faith In The Voting Booth

(This article originally appeared in Focus on the Family Citizen magazine, June/July 2016 Issue) Primary season in the 2016 election has been one of the wildest on record. With a few more weeks to go until the respective parties choose their candidates, authors Leith...

Elections Matter: A Look at the Judicial Impact

In eight years, a President can appoint more than a third of all federal judges. What do Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have in common? Each of them either appointed or — in the case of President Obama — is on track to appoint, approximately...

Christian Engagement: First Timers

(This “Hometown Heroes” article originally appeared in Focus on the Family Citizen magazine, October 2004 Issue) by Candice Z. Watters They watched fireworks and flew the flag, but Bill and Janie Zouhary did something else this Fourth of July that they’d...

Christian Engagement: How to Win a School Board Election

(This article originally appeared in Focus on the Family Citizen magazine, April 2003 Issue) About 47 million American children attend public schools. As a Christian, you have an opportunity to influence what those children learn about such topics as sexuality and the...

Christian Engagement: How to Save Your Candidate a Lot of Money

(This article originally appeared in Focus on the Family Citizen magazine, April 2003 Issue) Editor’s Note: This is the third in a year-long series on what your family can do to help a good candidate. Political campaigns rely on the help of volunteers willing to...

Christian Engagement: How to Make Cell Phones Work For Your Candidate

(This article originally appeared in Focus on the Family Citizen magazine, April 2008 Issue) by Evelyn Hess Now that the election is near, it’s time to hit the phones—the phones at your candidate’s or party’s headquarters. Few efforts are more effective in getting...
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Why Should I Vote?

Why Should I Vote?

Before you decided to “sit out” this election, please read why every Christian should vote in November.

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Did you recently move? Change your marital status? Forgot to vote in the last few elections? Then, it’s time to register to vote!

What Can I Do To Help?

Ways I Can Help

From being a poll watcher to helping your state Family Policy Council, there are many ways you can help serve your community.

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